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We've created a network of websites that offer a great variety of Russian audio lessons and exercises, as well as allow you to get to know Russian culture and meet Russian friends.

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Russian Alphabet Made Eady

If you are not familiar with the Russian alphabet yet, this is a perfect place for you. The course is build by principal "from easy Russian letters to more difficult ones" and offers tons of examples with audio to practice the letters that you learn immediately after your learn them. It also includes all necessary information about Russian pronunciation and stress marks, the worksheets to practice and so on.

Check it out and you will like it!

Available in languages: English, French

Learn Russian Step by Step

If you are just starting to learn Russian, this is the right place for you. Learn Russian Step by Step offers shoft lessons covering Russian grammar and basic vocabulary. Every lesson comes along with an audio file recorded by a native Russian speaker.

Available in languages: English, Spanish and French

You can also get an offline version of the course.

Learn Russian Words

To properly master the Russian language you need to learn not only the Russian grammar but also enrich your vocabulary on a daily basis. Learn Russian Daily provides you with this opportunity thanks to such tools as "Russian Word of the Day", flashcards and audio phrasebook.

Available in languages: English, Spanish and French

Everyday Russian

The only way to move forward with your studies is constant practice. On Everyday Russian you'll find a lot of materials to do that. A few types of activities are designed to develop your reading, listening and writing skills in Russian. Your can also check your knowledge of Russian grammar and vocabulary with online tests.

Available in languages: English, Spanish and French

Very Much Russian

Very Much Russian (Очень по-русски) is an audio podcast for upper-intermediate and advanced Russian learners. Every episode explains one or a few Russian expressions many of which you won't find in standard dictionaries. On top of that, every Monday you can enjoy a "Russian Joke of the Week" with stress marks, translation and audio.

Available in languages: English

You can also get an offline version of the podcast, as well as the offline version of the jokes.

Russian Pen Pal

As the name suggests, Russian Pen Pal allows you to find a Russian friend for language exchange. The registration is easy and free. After the registration you'll need to fill up your profile and you'll be able to start sending messages to your potential friends.

Available in languages: English, Russian

Meet Russia Online

Learn about Russian culture, history, traditions, food, holidays, music, movies, beautiful nature, places to visit and a lot more without leaving your house. We present you the best Russia can offer in a format that's easy to read and share with your friends.

Available in languages: English, French

Russian Swears

Russians swear a lot and they even have a special section of their vocabulary called Russian Mat and dedicated to the dirtiest obscenities.

If you are really interested to speak Russian as a native speaker and understand what's being said around you, we invite you to visit this site. However, keep in mind that the vocabulary there can be offensive.

Besides the Russian Mat, you can find there more harmless: Russian Swear Words, Russian Insults, and Russian for sexual intercourse.

Available in languages: English

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