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    Aleksandra Shilovskaia


    2012-2016: St. Petersburg State University, Faculty of Philosophy, Department of Cultural Studies, bachelor's degree in German culture;

    2014-2015: Exchange program at the University of Heidelberg Germanistik im Kulturvergleich (German studies in cultural comparison);

    2016: Advanced training courses "Russian as a Foreign language" at Herzen University;

    2019: Internship at the University of Jyvaskyla (Finland), teaching Russian as a foreign language;

    2018-2020: Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia, Faculty of Philology, specialty linguoculturology (Russian as a foreign language), this year, master's program.

    Work experience

    2017 – 2018: Exlinguo, St. Petersburg, teaching Russian as foreign language

    2018 – Present time: Derzhavin Institute, teaching Russian as foreign language

    Additional information

    Author at Meet Russia Online.


    You can contact Aleksandra via her social networks or the form below.

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