Topic: Russian slang and idioms
Level: upper-intermediate and advanced
Volume #: 5
Number of episodes included: 20 (081-100)

«Очень по-русски», episodes 081-100

«Очень по-русски» is a podcast about Russian slang, idioms, and modern conversational language for upper-intermediate and advanced Russian learners.

The offline package of «Очень по-русски» podcast includes episodes from 51 to 100. Each episode is represented by:

  • a high-quality MP3 file (192 kbps, stereo),
  • PDF transcription for viewing on desktop,
  • PDF transcription for viewing on mobile devices.

This package was put together to support the continuous development and maintainance of our network of free online Russian learning websites and we offer it at three levels of donations. If you appreciate our work and effort, please support us! It will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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