Level: upper intermediate and advanced
Number of volumes included: 3
Total audio duration: 26 mins

Naughty Russian: What your teacher will never tell you

The album “Naughty Russian” is designed to introduce you to the Russian Mat (Russian obscenities). It consists of 3 volumes which cover rich and eloquent language used by the majority of the Russian population to express a wide range of emotions and describe all sorts of situations.

You will never find this vocabulary in any textbook, and your Russian teacher will be always avoiding talking about these words. If you are really interested in learning Russian, and moreover living in Russia, don’t miss the opportunity to get to know all the edges of the language!

The package includes:

– Good quality MP3 recorded by a native Russian speaker,
– Transcription with translation in English in 3 different formats: HTML, PDF for desktop, and PDF for mobile devices.

All the money go to support the development and maintainance of our network of free online Russian learning websites. We offer the package at three different levels of donations. If you like our work, please support us! It will be greatly appreciated.

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