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  • Comtec Translations have over 30 years of experience in proving professional translations services in Russian and more then 200 other languages. They specialise in the translations of medical and legal documents as well as website translation and localisation.

  • – is a travel blog about Russia by Daniil Timin. Find out the most interesting places in Russia besides Moscow and St. Petersburg, things to do off the beaten path and everything there is to know about Russia for the 2018 World Cup fans.

  • Master Russian is a free resource and community for learning the Russian language. It includes lessons, dictionaries, vocabulary lists, tests and quizzes, cultural and travel information, study tips, pen pals, literature, music, and much more.

  • Be sure, it isn’t a boring Grammar course, it is a real chat on different topics which can be heard in everyday life. It is a chance to listen to the native speakers talking at home, at work, at the shop, at the party, etc. Also you can listen to Russian Slang!

  • Ruso Para Cada Día es un proyecto para todos que estudian la lengua rusa en la escuela o independientemente. Hasta ahora hemos creado más de 300 lecciones con las que, de forma totalmente gratuita, puedes aprender gramática rusa, incrementar tu vocabulario y mejorar tu nivel de lectura y de capacidad de escucha. Las lecciones se pueden estudiar por los estudiantes de todos los niveles: principiante, intermedio y avanzado. Tenemos 12 series de clases con los audios, textos y tests. Todas las grabaciones de audio están realizadas por un ruso nativo.

  • Here you can find many different resources to learn Russian: texts with audio, dialogues, exercises, music videos, comics, cartoons, etc. You can also find a course to learn Russian in 3 steps: 1) Reading Russian, 2) Speaking Russian, 3) Learning the Russian cases.

  • Learn Russian with fun, interesting and easy to listen to audio lessons.

    A number of people already learn Russian through the mobile apps, desktop software and website with free Russian lessons released every week. Why don’t you try it right now?

  • Increase your Russian vocabulary the smart way by learning the words that you will really need. This universal App teaches you the 1000 most useful Russian words. Features include pronunciation by native Russian speakers, accent marks, phonetic transcription, search, favorites list, and more.

  • is not only a free online dictionary for 24 languages but also a phrasebook, games, quizzes, conjugations, forum and much more!

  • An Interlinear book is one where the original text is followed by an English translation below each word or phrase. This Russian translation of Leo Tolstoy by InterlinearBooks allows you to learn Russian or to improve your existing Russian by reading and enjoying this classic writer in the original language. Russian. Simple and intuitive games, fast flashcards, and detailed material specifically matched to your level. Free and premium memberships.

  • Aquí encontrarás diferentes recursos para aprender ruso: textos con audio, diálogos, ejercicios, videos musicales, cómics, etc. También encontrarás un cursos para aprender ruso en 3 pasos: 1) Leer ruso, 2) Hablar ruso, 3) Aprender los casos rusos.

  • It is an open courseware resource, it is one of the top online courses and classes available on the web. We offer free online courses on the web to any devices of the users choice. The site is developed to be mobile optimized that will allow users to take courses anywhere. You can explore the courses, create unique programs and track your progress. We feature courses from institutions such as Yale, MIT, Stanford, and Harvard.

  • Russian audio podcast for Russian learners of intermediate and advanced levels. All audio files recorded by a native Russian speaker.

    Russian slang, idioms and common expressions – with this podcast you can learn Russian as Russians speak it. Each episode comes along with a free online transcript.

  • The Russian CoolJugator let you to quickly and simply conjugate Russian verbs. CoolJugator provides a list of Russian verbs and a search function, easy-to-understand Russian verb conjugations and English examples.

  • Angelos Georgakis travels in Russia and Russian speaking countries and teaches “Russian in context”, i.e. videoblogs, songs, films, cartoons, poetry, culture and more. He uses cognitive psychology and the power of associations to make things stick to your memory. On Explore Russian, you’ll also find some effective and unusual techniques that can be applied to any language.

  • Koshka Matryoshka will help you learn the beautiful language that is Russian. Simple and intuitive games, fast flashcards, and detailed material specifically matched to your level. Free and premium memberships.

  • Russificate is a free Russian Language Blog for learners of all levels and Russian language teachers. It contains a great variety of grammar, vocabulary and communication exercises, podcasts, reading materials, Russian songs with exercises, etc. Its author, Yulia Amlinskaya, is a professional Russian language teacher, living in Moscow (Russia), who also offers living Russian language classes on Skype.

  • Free online community where you can practice Russian language with Russian native speakers and make new friends from Russia!

  • Tongue out! es una comunidad de intercambio de idiomas, donde puedes encontrar compañeros de intercambio de idiomas, practicar idiomas extranjeros con hablantes nativos y hacer amigos.

  • Innovative methods and inspired proffesional teachers – what can be better for any Russian student? This Online Russian Language school offer a wide range of courses and plans for those who just started learning Russian or what to bring it to a new level. Reasonable prices and flexible schedule. Try it now, your first lesson is free of charge!

  • Ruspod uses various techniques of teaching, including audio podcasts, text lessons, and exercises. Every registered user also has a personal Dashboard that helps to keep track of all their activities, suggests lessons to take next, and calculates the user’s rating.

  • Las canciones y la música pueden ser una forma magnífica de conocer un pueblo, sus costumbres, su idioma… En esta web encontrarás canciones rusas traducidas al español, de todos los periodos y estilos y épocas, desde canciones de la más rabiosa actualidad hasta himnos y canciones de guerra soviéticas, pasando por las canciones más conocidas y tradicionales o la música para niños.

  • OEDb is home to one of the largest collections of higher education resources available online. It has a degree section that has detailed information about various online degrees, an online schools page that allows users to filter thousands of online programs to find the right one, a rankings page that categorizes the best colleges according to program, an open courses page that directs users to thousands of free online classes, a detailed financial aid section, and a career guide for students interested in learning about their interested field of work. The website is being funded and maintained by contributors and researchers. In addition, we are an independent group working together to build a free web resource rich with highly relevant educational materials for those interested.

  • Looking for more materials to practice your Russian?
    Spoken Russian is a Facebook page that publishes short authentic dialogues in Russian with transcription, in video format. Check it out today and subscribe!

  • Russian Language Learning Club – vibrant and joyful community for passionate learners of Russian language. You can find a lot of useful tips how to learn Russian language, lessons for beginners and advanced learners and interesting materials about Russian history, literature, music and people.

  • This site, made by a native Russian speaker, offers you a lot of possibilities to learn Russian. It even goes further in teaching beyond the classroom and gives students a chance to learn more. Find out Russian stories and jokes, learn Russian words using flash cards, and watch video recordings with quizzes.

  • Du Russe Pour Chaque Jour est un projet pour ceux qui étudient la langue russe à l’école ou d’une façon indépendante. Nos archives comprennent déjà plus de 300 leçons de russe avec lequels vous pouvez apprendre la grammaire russe, améliorer votre vocabulaire, pratiquer votre capacité de lecture et d’écoute absolument gratuitement. Nous continuons à travailler sur l’ajout de nouvelles leçons regulierement. Tout les enregistrements audio sur le site sont faits par un interlocuteur d’origine russe.

  • Notre cours de russe en ligne pour les débutants vous présente des règles de grammaire et des phrases utiles pour commencer votre voyage dans la langue russe. Chaque leçon est accompagné d’un fichier audio qui inclut les mots et les phrases de la leçon et est enregistrée par un locuteur natif russe. A partir de la leçon numéro un, vous pouvez pas à pas vous immerger dans le monde captivant et passionnant de l’apprentissage des langues.

  • The course is focusing on those who just started learning Russian language. It offers tiny online lessons each of those dedicated either to a crucial grammar point or to some basic vocabulary. Every lesson come along with an audio file recorded by a native Russian speaker.

  • LinguaLift is an online Russian language school where learners enjoy the flexibility of a self-taught curriculum with the guidance of helpful study coaches.

  • More than 400 free online Russian audio lessons for all levels. Twelve types of activities: Russian Verb Conjugation, Dictation, Quiz, Error correction, Russian grammatical cases, etc. The site runs in English, Spanish and French.

  • Learning Russian? Russian Pel Pal gives you an opportunity to find a Russian friend that is interested in learning your language. What can be better to practice?

    The way it works is simple: register an account, fill up your profile by answering a few questions about yourself and what you like to talk about, and start sending messages to the people who’s profile you liked.

  • Get a new Russian word or phrase in your inbox every day! Every word comes along with two examples and audio recorded by a native Russian speaker.

  • Liden & Denz Language Centres is an award-winning, internationally accredited provider of intensive Russian language courses. One of the oldest private Russian language institutes, Liden & Denz has offered students first class language courses for over 20 years, and also offers part-time and full-time internships in St. Petersburg and Moscow. Challenge yourself with 65 grammar questions from Beginner Level (A1) to Lower Advanced (B2+).

  • Nuestro curso de ruso en línea para principiantes es una introducción a las reglas gramaticales y frases útiles para comenzar tu viaje por el idioma ruso. Cada lección se acompaña con un archivo de audio grabado por un hablante nativo de Rusia que incluye las palabras y frases aprendidas. Empezando desde la lección número uno puedes sumergirte paso a paso en el mundo cautivador y apasionante del aprendizaje de idiomas.

  • 15 lessons of essentials for beginners, CHAT for language practice, interesting articles about many language tricks, online radio, tests, photo galleries, books.

  • Unscripted dialogues in everyday Russian language. Free audio and transcripts for teachers and students who look for materials that you cannot find in traditional textbooks.