Bad words (Russian mat), vol. 1&2

The series of audio-episodes “Bad words” is designed to introduce you to the Russian mat, i.e. Russian obscenities. In each volume I explain about 15 words and expressions from the “Russian mat” category and give examples of their use.

I have to say, I personally do not encourage the use of expletives. But I had two reasons for creating this album: firstly, studying a foreign language I’m myself always interested in learning all its sides, and secondly, Russian mat is rich, eloquent and used everywhere (unfortunately), so knowing it, for a person who is sincerely interested in Russian language or even living in Russia, is more than just useful.

At the moment there are 2 volumes ready. If you like, you can also find each of them separately here: Volume 1, Volume 2.

Each volume includes the following

– Good quality audio-file (MP3), about 5 minutes long.

– Interactive transcript with translation (HTML format), it’s easy to use on you desktop and mobile (requires internet connection to work).

– Transcript with translation in PDF format (in case you don’t have internet connection or your JavaScript is disabled).

If you are not ready to pay for the moment

If you are not ready to pay, I invite you to visit my site about Russian slang, street language and idioms. It’s completely free and comes with audio recordings, full transcription in Russian and translation in English.

All the money from sales of this album goes for support and maintenance of 5 Russian learning websites that are available for free, including the one mentioned above.