Bad words (Russian Mat), vol. 1

The series of audio-episodes “Bad words” is designed to introduce you to the Russian Mat, i.e. Russian obscenities.

I have to say, I personally do not encourage the use of expletives. But I had two reasons for creating this album: firstly, studying a foreign language I’m myself always interested in learning all its sides, and secondly, Russian obscenities are rich, eloquent and used everywhere (unfortunately), so knowing them, for a person who is sincerely interested in Russian language or even living in Russia, is more than just useful.

This first volume includes following files:

– Good quality audio-file (MP3), about 5 minutes long.

– Interactive transcript with translation (HTML format), it’s easy to use on you desktop and mobile (requires internet connection to work).

– Transcript with translation in PDF format (in case you don’t have internet connection or your JavaScript is disabled).

You can buy both volumes with a discount here.